Friday, October 31, 2008

IGN reviews the game. You make your own conclusions

IGN's SOCOM Review

Personally, it seems like the review was written 2 weeks ago, because from my experience the game has been working pretty damn well recently. And everyone I talk to seems to have the same experience.

I don't know, what are your thoughts?


Anonymous said...

i just wish you could join a game from your friends list is this ever going to happen

Anonymous said...

Unfortunatly I agree with IGN. As fun as the game is when it works, this is far too infrequent. It blows my mind that Slant 6 and/or Sony would release a game that doesn't include all of the features listed on the back of the box. And the fact that they just thought the consumer would be OK with patching the game later is insulting.

beradgeee said...

except for the still present stutter/hiccup thing, it's a lot better.

Kelvin212 said...

I hate RPG's in this games. I think they should remove them. Either that or make the character move alot slower... to even it up.