Monday, October 6, 2008

Beta Patch 1.50 hits...and falls flat on it's face

The 1.50 patch for the beta hit this morning and I just had a chance to hop on and play with it myself. Anyone else getting constant error messages popping up in the lobby? I wasn't even able to get into a game because it wouldn't start, and then would kick me and a bunch of other people out to the briefing room lobby.

I try to be as optimistic as possible, but if this is the latest build of their netcode, then I can't hold out much hope for October 14th. And the match-making/party system is not even in the beta test. I'd be surprised if that works flawlessly without any prior, mass public beta, testing.

Cross your fingers.

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JuJu_Guru said...

I don't understand either why the matchmaking/party system was not included in the private or public betas. Wouldn't you think this new feature would need EXTENSIVE testing before release?

Let's Hope /6 knows what they are doing. I'm like you...optimistic...but scared.