Saturday, August 30, 2008

Open beta delayed 5 days

Yep, to Friday September 5th (Sept 12th for Qore people). There goes the labour day fun.

Can't pretend I'm happy about this news when dates keep getting announced and constantly pushed back (remember when Confrontation was a Winter 08 game?), but at least it's only a short delay.

The beta will still be a full month as they are adding the delayed time onto the end of it.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Slow week

I guess it's the calm before the storm. Nothing new to talk about but the open beta is hitting on Monday and you'll all finally be able to enjoy this wonderful game ;).

Remember, the beta emails haven't been sent out yet (so don't panic), but once they do email you the code, ensure that you download your copy first and THEN give away the code to two other people. If you don't know who to share your code with then make a post on a message board, or even reply to the many comments from people on here who are begging for one.

Friday, August 22, 2008

And the winners are...

I have selected the winners and will be sending out emails within the next hour with the voucher code (where you must then register online). There were a lot of responses and naturally I could only chose a few of you, so don't feel bad if you don't get chosen.

If you didn't win you can still go to GameSpot/EB Games and pre-order the game. Of if they are out of vouchers then try one of your friends or someone on a message board. Remember, each beta code can be shared with two other people. And if all else fails, and you're in North America, buy the first episode of Qore on the PSN which will give you access to the beta on Sept 8th. Sure its a week late, but it's better then nothing.

Anyways, I'm emailing the winners now. Thank you everyone for the replies, and congrats to those who won!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Giving away 7 SOCOM beta codes

Hey, sorry I've been gone so long, but now I'm back, and with a treat ;)

I'm giving away 7 SOCOM Confrontation Open Beta codes. All you have to do is make a comment on this post with your email address and tell me why you should have a beta code. Don't worry about making it too long, a short explanation will do.

I'll be selecting the winners on Friday, August 22nd, posting the winners on this blog and sending them each an email with the code.

Please do not enter this contest if you already have a code or are already planning on pre-ordering the game.

Good luck!

EDIT: And to clarify, these are 7 separate codes. So each person that gets one will be able to share it with 2 other people.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Out of town for possibly a week

I'm in the process of moving and going on a mini-vacation where there might not be internet for a week. So I won't be here to update the blog, but don't fear because I've given VOODOO+ (well-known on the boards, and overlord of control for however long I'm gone for (could be 4 days, could be 13).

So talk to you later!

Open Beta date and details!

Posted on Yes, finally!

Public Beta info... no really!
Posted by Seth Luisi

I'm happy to be able to share information on the SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Confrontation Public Beta.

When does it start?
The SOCOM Confrontation Public Beta will start on September 1st and end on September 30th; a whole month of SOCOM goodness.

How to Get In?
There are two ways to get into the SOCOM: Confrontation Public Beta

GameStop Preorder Campaign
Some of you may have already seen we have started an exclusive preorder Public Beta campaign with GameStop. If you preorder SOCOM: Confrontation at GameStop, not only will you be able to access the SOCOM: Confrontation Public Beta on day 1 but you will also be able to share the code you receive from Sony PlayStation with two friends as well. SOCOM is all about team work and what better way to encourage team work than to make it easy for you and a couple of friends to get online in the Public Beta. We want you to spread the word about SOCOM and share the experience with your friends so get down to your local GameStop and pick up your voucher or pre-order here.

left right

QORE™ presented by the PLAYSTATION®Network
If you downloaded the June issue of QORE, you, too, will be able to participate. You will be able to download the SOCOM: Confrontation Public Beta from within the application starting on September 8th and play through to September 30th.

The Fine Print

This should be obvious, but you must have a PSN account in order to download and participate in the SOCOM: Confrontation Public Beta. You can sign up for a PSN account online.

This information only applies for North America. Details about the SOCOM: Confrontation Public Beta in other parts of the world will be announced by the regional Sony Computer Entertainment offices.

Let the Games Begin!

The pre-order plan is a great idea. You get 2 extra invites to share with a couple other people.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Open beta date coming tomorrow

Abigale made a post on the boards today:

Hi, All-

Ok- So today you read about the prices for the different versions of Confrontation on You also heard from GameStop that they will be the ones distributing the pre-order Beta keys. So that only leaves one big question, right?

When does the Open Beta start?

Well, we will be giving you the answer to that question and the rest of the details on the Open Beta tomorrow on! Barring any unforeseen issues, it will all be published then. I don't think there will be any issues but I always have to say that. If something should happen that it doesn't go up on time, you guys will never let me hear the end of it! :smileywink:

So finally... tomorrow you will know! I am so glad that you will finally have your answer on when the Open Beta starts! :smileyhappy:

So there you go!

GameStop/EB Games sending out beta codes/instructions on Monday

As seen here and here.

Reserve SOCOM: Confrontation and receive access to the multiplayer Team Beta.

Online / In-Store Pickup Customers: Your code and instructions will be emailed to you. Please provide a valid email address at time of reservation.

Store Customers: Your code and instructions will be provided at time of reservation. NOTE: Information will be available in stores beginning the week of 8/11. Please contact store to confirm availability.

Now, this doesn't mean the beta will start on Monday. If anyone here was in the MGO beta you'd remember that the beta codes were given out a few weeks before the actual beta test began. I imagine it will be the same for this.

Pick the new name for Urban Wasteland!

Firstly, thank god they are considering changing it. Urban Wasteland is an incredibly generic name, and since it was revealed in EGM in March, has been considered a place-holder until they chose a real name for it. So it looks like they are finally doing that assuming Urban Wasteland doesn't pull out a victory in the poll.

I don't want to sway your voting...but please pick "Aftermath". Its by far the best sounding name of the bunch, while doing a good job at describing the map, and right now the battle of votes is between Aftermath and Urban Wasteland. So if we have any hope of changing the horrible "Urban Wasteland" name, its by voting for "Aftermath".

Vote here at The poll is on the right side of the page.

Pricing and bundles announced/detailed

It's good! People were speculating the bundle with the new high-quality headset would go for $80. Well, you're wrong.

I'm happy to announce we have finalized our release plans for SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Confrontation. On the week of October 14th, you'll be able to pick up one of the following versions of SOCOM: Confrontation in North America.

$59.99 SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Confrontation
(Bundle Version)
Includes SOCOM Confrontation, a newly designed Bluetooth® Headset for the PLAYSTATION®3 system and exclusive Behind the Scenes videos.

$39.99 SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Confrontation
(Stand Alone Version)
For all of the people who want SOCOM: Confrontation on a disc. Does not include the headset or the Behind the Scenes videos.

$39.99 SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Confrontation on the
PlayStation Network
SOCOM Confrontation downloadable from the PSN without ever leaving you couch. Does not include the headset or the Behind the Scenes videos.

Details for the rest of the world will be announced by the regional Sony Computer Entertainment offices, but our goal is to have a simultaneous world wide release. Let the preordering begin!


Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Peak at the main menu relayed some info that was posted on a Japanese gaming website. Probably the most interesting picture of the batch is this one below which shows what the main menu will look like. Remember that these pics are taken from an earlier build of the game, so things may have been changed since then.

I like how it puts some of your general player information right there on the front page. And "Reputation", I wonder what that could be? If it's based on feedback other players have given you, or if its calculated based on how skilled you are/how long you've played.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Beta update from Abigale

Nothing really new, but it sounds like a beta date is coming soon.

Hi, All-

I know you are all very impatient about the Beta. I wish I could tell you more. Or even better, I wish I could hurry everything up for you. But alas, those things are not in my power.

We cannot and will not announce any details until everything is ready and set in stone. If I even gave you a target date and then we missed it because something unforeseen came up, can you imagine the flack we would take for that? So we don't say anything until we are 100% positive of what is going to happen and when.

That being said... we are trying to get the last details worked out so that we can announce when the Open Beta will start. We should be announcing the date very shortly. Again, I won't even give you a time frame for that because you never know what could happen between now and then. But the plan is to get you that info very soon. Believe me, I want it announced as badly as you do.

As for the Closed Beta, I can't tell you anything on that, as always. But we are getting that process moving as quickly as possible as well.

I know you all want more info and you have been waiting patiently. There are just so many details to get into place with all of this and we want to have everything worked out and absolute before we make it public. But what I can tell you is... we're almost there. :smileywink: