Friday, January 9, 2009

"The Real SOCOM" January 9th Bitecast

This is just a bite-sized, roughly 8min, podcast, hence the title. Hellman was busy so I did this one on my own (no, this won't be a trend. I just wanted to quickly get my thoughts out about some things). I discuss my thoughts on what happened over at EGM/1up, and of course give my impressions on the 1.30 patch.

I might try to do more of these bite-sized podcasts as me and Hellman are both really busy with our own lives making it hard to find time to record an entire podcast.

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Show Links:
Rebel.FM (Re-emergence of 1up FM)
1up Show 8-bit theme

Hope you enjoy!

1.30 finally out!

Yup, so download it now. Trophy support, match-making, tons of tweaks to the gameplay, all detailed somewhere on

But as of typing this, the servers are still down (presumably to reset the stats, which they ARE doing as I predicted). So you might need to wait a couple hours from now before you can play.

EDIT: Servers are up and running smooth!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Trophy list posted online

Check it out! Means it's definitely done and patch should be on the way soon.

Anything cool that sticks out to you?

EGM is Dead, 1up recieves massive firings

I know this is supposed to be a blog about SOCOM, but I just want to express how fucking pissed off I am, while at the same time depressed about what happened today. If you haven't already heard, UGO bought, while in the process killing EGM and firing 30 people from the EGM/ staff. Meaning no more 1up Show, and no more 1up podcasts.

Just a few months shy of a year ago, Mike Cruz (who at the time was Associate Art Director of EGM) personally sent me an email with the exclusive image of their SOCOM Confrontation cover story for me to post on the blog, which of course I did.

It was a completely selfless gesture on the part of EGM for me and my tiny number of followers, and of course ended up exposing this blog to a number of large traffic grabbing sites like Kotaku and Joystiq, who picked up the cover story via my blog post. If it wasn't for the kind hearts at EGM/1up, I wouldn't have got the amount of traffic or number of podcast downloads that I did.

For me, this is easily the worst thing that has happened to the game journalism business since I've been alive, and I hope as much of the core group can stay together as possible to go on and create much bigger things. Whatever they chose to do, I know their talent won't go to waste.