Sunday, October 26, 2008

New ranked rooms are up in every server

Played a little last night and noticed that every server now has a lot more 'Ranked Medleys' then normal. Each room now has Medley 1/2/3/etc for 4x4, 8x8, and 16x16. They also mix up the maps and modes in them. I was playing Crossroads on Extraction in one of the 8x8 rooms, when I believe normally its Demolition only.

It was also running spectacular. So if you've given the game a break because of the way it was running, it's time for you to hop back on and give it another try.


Anonymous said...

Running alot better? If the framerate drop upon late joiners/leavers is still there, then no, it's not running that much better. Other than these framerate drops, I've had no server problems at all.

Anonymous said...

Ya i noticed that last night too, which is great because of how everyone wanted to be in a ranked game for the past week. And i agree, the game was running a lot smoother

Jacob said...

....however, LBP comes out today so i'm gonna have to check that shit out. sorry Socom