Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Servers running into issues, but it's running better atm

If you've been on anytime tonight, you probably ran into some server issues and trying to join games. The SOCOM online team promptly responded:

Due to the tremendous launch of SOCOM Confrontation and large number of simultaneous players connecting, we are experiencing some server load issues. We are aware of the current server issues and we are actively looking into them. We will have these issues resolved as soon as possible.

SOCOM: Confrontation Online Team

And right now, as I am writing this at 1:07am EST, the servers are working a lot better and I was just able to play a match without any issues.

This is typical when it comes to a new online game. Look back and think of an online game that worked flawlessly at launch. I can't think of one. So just give them a couple days to get the server load issues ironed out before pulling out all your hair.


Anonymous said...

Its like People completly forgot about all the other online shooters having problems the first few weeks....I played all day Tuesday and it ran Silky Smooth .......I cant wait for the to get this ironed out

Kelvin212 said...

I played a couple of hours my self yesterday. I liked what i saw... I thought the graphics where better than what i saw on the beta version. The headset is working for me as well. Alot of haters and complainers but yet when i played the channels where all packed with people playing.

pheen said...

You get what you pay for. I haven't seen this issue with any game on Xbox Live. I'll be receiving my copy of Socom in the mail today, hopefully the servers are working tonight, I can't wait to play it!

David Doel said...

Personally I run into more issues on XBL. I can only connect to my two closest friends in ANY XBL game 30% of the time.

And you'll notice that the voice chat in SOCOM Confrontation is extremely clear.