Tuesday, September 1, 2009

God of War 1&2 hitting PS3 in bluray re-release. Can SOCOM 2 do it?

So if you haven't heard the big God of War news recently, essentially Sony is going to re-release God of War 1&2 on a PS3 blu-ray disc. It'll be in 720p, 60fps, AND have their own set of trophies. Even though I've already played and beaten both games, it has shot up to the top of my most-wanted list. It also got me thinking, is this setting a precedent for the future?

If Sony can do this with God of War 1&2, who says they won't do it for other popular franchises too? Clearly they wouldn't want to make this a huge thing as they have plenty of new software coming down the line, but why not bring back some more huge PS3 classics. Say...SOCOM II?

Just imagine. At E3 Sony announces SOCOM 4 developed by Zipper. Since it's still quite a way off, to compensate Sony plans to re-release the most popular game in the franchise [SOCOM II] onto a set of reliable servers, in 720p and 60fps. Oh ya, and they also fix all the bugs and hit detection issues that were prevalent in that game. Undoubtedly sales for the PS3 and the re-released SOCOM II would explode, and it would generate hype for the upcoming SOCOM 4. It's a license to print money.

Chance of this happening? Personally, I think it's highly unlikely simply because Sony doesn't want to take support away from SOCOM Confrontation and it's DLC which is sure to come. For God of War it kind of makes sense because the God of War 3 doesn't hit till next year and God of War 1&2 don't rely on a set of servers run. But if it were to happen, the one thing that it may do is bring those last few stragglers that are still playing PS2 online, over to the PS3 and onto the PSN.

Regardless, I have no doubt in my mind that a SOCOM II re-release would sell a million copies, and barely cost anything to make with the game already being done. But the politics of it might be too much for Sony to make it happen.