Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Confrontation & Reviews

In case you missed them:

IGN's non-review 'current' review
GameSpot's review

What are your thoughts? Fair/unfair?

Personally, as much as I love Confrontation I think those reviews and IGN's stance on the whole thing are completely fair. How exactly are you going to stay current and review a game when it's marred with technical issues that need to be patched?

These places need to review what's given to them, and what was given to them was a game that doesn't always let you onto servers, into games, and has a myriad of technical flaws in larger 16v16 rooms. Not to mention features that are on the box but are currently missing in the game (match-making, in-game inviting, trophies).

That said, the gameplay, when it's working as its meant to, is flawless in my opinion. The game is a total blast, and completely worth fighting through the technical issues to play, just as SOCOM II was with all it's technical problems. The difference here is that Confrontation's problems seem a lot easier to fix, and most likely will all be patched in within a couple months, unlike the major flaws in SOCOM II's design which were unpatchable (namely the hit detection).

For those wondering, me and Hellman are still reviewing the game in podcast form sometime this week. So keep an eye out. In the mean time, do SOCOM a favour and spread the good word about it. This is an online shooter that can't be passed on, despite it's current issues.


Wh1teRabbit said...

it's hard to disagree with these reviews. they're fairly reviewing what they're presented. after a patch or two, i'd really like to see what the reviews would be. i think they'll be significantly better. the game is a ton of fun and i play it every moment i get.

i think the gameplay the last few days has significantly improved over since release; i wonder if that has been adequately taken into consideration in these reviews.

Regardless of whether the game gets a 2 or 10, i'm sticking with it.

Anonymous said...

What a way to start off a review by saying "it will be worthless in a bit" with 1UP. I think that IGN handled it hte most maturely by waiting for the servers to be fixed. Remember, Warhawk, Grand Theft Auto IV, Halo 3, and Call of Duty 4 all had shaky starts when launched.

Jacob said...

I thought that they were decently fair, but unfair in the way that they didnt wait for the first patch. I still feel that they rushed the launch and couldve avoided all of this by waiting another month at the most. I personally wouldnt have minded waiting if they came out and said that there would be problems. But now we can only hope that they get a patch going in the next couple weeks. Other than that lets just hope things keep getting better like they have been.

Hugo DePayenz said...

I agree with the 1up review alot, it needs work, but i still love it. More fun than i ever had playing cod4.

I was playing urban wasteland respawn (supp) the other day, that was the most fun i ever had playing an online game, best sniper map ever.(next to devils road, small)

Also where are the other weapons like the SR-25, and .50cal barret?