Saturday, October 25, 2008

IGN - "the players are a lot nicer and courteous"

Check out the recent IGN Tech Fetish podcast who talk about the SOCOM community for a bit around the 27min mark.

Like I have always said and will continue to say as long as its true, is that the community on SOCOM IS and has always been the best community in any shooter out there on the market.

Not only are we a lot nicer as a whole, but strangers work together, and I mean all the time in every game I play. People that have never played together before will communicate and work together as a team. It's why it's always been so easy to make friends on the SOCOM games and always a great shooter to introduce new people to.

Have you had the same positive experience with the community so far in Confrontation as I have?


Se7eN said...

Being a socom vet from Socom 1 up till combined assault (getting a PS3 within a few days), I have to say overall the community is good. There is quite a bit of racism, little kids, etc, but that can be found everywhere. I can't wait to get on Confrontation and see interact with the new community.

Jacob said...

Hell ya. Enough said.