Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Patch 1.60 on the way

As per Abigale's post on the message boards:

Hi, Folks-

I want to first thank you again for helping us find the bugs in this Beta. It's impossible to know how things are going to go until we have a large number of people online and playing, no matter how much testing we do internally. I know these last couple of days have been difficult, but take heart in knowing that you all helped us find some issues that now will not be there when the game launches on the 14th!

I have already told you we are working to fix these issues. We are testing a new patch and hope it will be ready for release by tomorrow (Thursday) morning. We'll keep you informed and let you know more details about that soon, on But I also wanted to tell you that we will be extending the Beta just a little longer. Instead of ending on Thursday, it will be going on until Saturday night at midnight PDT. So you will have just a little while longer to help us test things out before release.

Thanks again for being willing to play our unfinished product in order to help us find what needed fixed. I hope you enjoy the full game when it is released! :)

And don't forget, the final game is only a week away.

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