Sunday, November 2, 2008

1up re-reviews Confrontation. Gives it a B+

Sorry I'm late with this info, I was away all weekend. But its worth mentioning none the less. Since Confrontation has been working a lot better, 1up decided to re-review it as they had previously promised. The result? An entire grade higher, as it comes away with a very excellent B+ grade.

Check out the new review here.


Se7eN said...

Still seems kind of low. I have Socom: Confrontation, and my PS3 is comin tommorrow :D

At least the average use rating is A-.. sounds more appropriate for a Socom game. Just read the review. Not as bad as I thought. Now I'm dying to get my PS3. It's in Georgia right now.. maybe I should drive up there and steal it from UPS.

Se7eN said...

I got my PS3 today.. but I can't get Socom to connect to download the patch! Like wtf.. T_T

Anonymous said...

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