Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Zipper Int. accounces MAG: Massive Action Game

People can finally stop saying "wait for the real SOCOM from Zipper". Just a few minutes ago in Sony's E3 Press Conference, Zipper Interactive ended with a trailer for their new game, MAG: Massive Action Game, eerily similar to the name I predicted on TheRealSOCOM Podcast Episode 3, "Big Ass Battles" :p.

MAG is an online game where you in a squad of 8 can take part in battles that can reach up to 256 players! It also includes player progression akin to an MMO as well as rank within your squad.

I'll post the video as soon as I find it online, but it was simply a CG trailer, so no gameplay to be seen yet.

Anyways, you can tell your journalist friends to stop saying "wait for the real SOCOM", because the REAL SOCOM is hitting on October 14th, and it's called SOCOM Confrontation.


is the video from the conference.


Anonymous said...

So true, I guess SOCOMers faith is with Slant Six so they better do it right.

Derek Ferreira said...

It does make me wonder now, Is Confrontation the last SOCOM we will ever see?

David Doel said...

I don't think it's the last SOCOM we'll see. I just think it's now clear that the SOCOM franchise is in the hands of Slant Six.

Evan said...

Are you going to make a new podcast after E3?

David Doel said...

Ya I'm going to try and grab Hellman this weekend and put together Episode 4.