Thursday, July 24, 2008

Knife kill explained

Dev Q&A 11 went up on today. Check it out here.

Allen Goode's initial response to the knife kill question was that it was 1-hit kill, but thankfully in the comments section David Seymour clarified that answer and said:

Hey guys,

The answer above about the knife attack is incomplete. The knife strike is a one-hit kill from behind, but from the front it only does half damage. Apologies for the omission,


Which is great news. We won't have to worry about people rushing us in a close-quarters gun-battle if they are going to have to take two strikes before they kill us.


Evan said...

I'm also happy about this. I think the knife kills will be well deserved, only if you sneak up behind them.

hockeyman1212 said...

BUT I DONT LIKE TO STAB. (in other words i own like a rabbit. a killer rabbit. with rabies. u get me?)