Wednesday, July 2, 2008

SOCOM 3 & Combined Assault patched

Who would have thunk it! Zipper is still supporting SOCOM 3 & Combined Assault (which work off the same servers) with patches. Today they released version 2.3 (for SOCOM 3) and version 1.4 (for Combined Assault). You can check out all the details at here.


DJ said...

Yes they did, and now whenever I log on to play Socom CA with my PS3 80gb system, I get detected as a cheater and I am currently banned for antoher 12 hours or so. It worked just fine before the patch. I cannot find any real info out there on how to fix this or what they are doing to fix this.

Do you have any ideas David?

David Doel said...

I would call Sony support and tell them.