Thursday, July 17, 2008

Peak at the between rounds screen

Gamespot just had Seth Luisi and SOCOM Confrontation on their E3 Live show. In typical Gamespot fashion, they failed at answering any real burning questions we have and instead filled the last portion of the segment with bonehead questions like "Are there any vehicles?" and "Can you pick up backpacks from other troops?". Lord.

Anyways, Hellman, a friend of mine and co-host on TheRealSOCOM Podcast, grabbed a couple shots of what the menu that comes up in between rounds. There is some interesting stuff in there including "Kill Assists", a new and welcome addition to the franchise.

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Evan said...

Not to much new info, we're more likely to get better news from instead. The interview was targeted towards people who haven't played a Socom game before.