Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Want in the beta? Spend $2.99 this Thursday

Sony has just introduced Qore.

If you click the link it explains it a little better, but basically it's an interactive magazine you can buy each month from PSN with,

"exclusive news, developer interviews, in-depth game previews and behind-the-scenes looks at PlayStation games and special access to game demos, special beta invitations, game add-ons and other downloadable game-related content."
Seems interesting enough. With exclusive SOCOM stuff coming in the first issue including an exclusive theme and a beta invite, they obviously have me pegged for a purchase.

Concerning the beta though, there are questions swirling whether this is for the private or open Confrontation beta. I'm pretty sure it'll be for the open beta as the private was supposed to be invite-only. I'll keep you updated when I find out for sure though.


poprocker said...

I'm in! I will be doing the yearly subscription.

Alfredo said...

Today (June 5) I went in the ps store and can't find Qore. Is the Qore only for the US not Canada?

If not where can I download it specifically, in the video, downloadable games, add-ons?

poprocker said...

will be available later today when they update the psn.

DJ said...

do you know when they will update the PSN?

poprocker said...

I'm in Arkansas and they usually update it around 4-5pm CST.