Wednesday, June 11, 2008

New map shown in latest issue of GameInformer

As said here on the blog.

Luckily one of the community members over on the boards, Culkid, has the issue and was nice enough to give us details about it:

i loved the new preview, however GI seemed to say some negative things like they dont see it becoming as popular as COD and halo. they did say a few things. ill list what i read

NEw map called Viral Lab. its the inside of a domed industrial facility surrounded by metal catwalks and water.

they said you can only have one character at a time and the only way to get a new character is to leave your clan

each character "seals, sas, ksk, UOE, RPIMA have their own specific weapons, camo and specialized armor

in the photos:

let me say i dont know if every screenshot here are from this new viral labs but let me describe each picture:

the first one has terrorists on top of a cat walk shooting at seals below. the seals are crouched behind 2 water turbines.

the second one has a seal prone on a catwalk shooting at a standing terrorist on another catwaelk

the third one has seals shooting at terrorists on a catwalk. the terrorists are standing by a big satellite

the fourth one has a SEAL with an ACOG scope on an M4A1 shooting at a terroriost. someone must have thrown a smoke grenade because the effect is AMAZING

the fifth photo is seals running outside *seems to be 2 facilities in this viral labS EMPHASIS ON THE S. meaning seals start in one lab and terrorists start at the other. water surrounds the lab

Sounds really cool. Almost like a spiritual successor to Chain Reaction, one of my favourite SOCOM II maps.

Be sure to pick up the issue yourself when it hits newsstands. It's the one with the inFAMOUS (Sucker Punch's new PS3 game) cover story.

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