Friday, June 27, 2008

"The Real SOCOM" Podcast - Episode 3

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I'm back with a new podcast, once again co-hosting is Hellman, and we're just in time for the embargo to lift. We discuss all the stuff that came out today, a couple topics we forget to talk about last time, Zipper's game, and also forgot to do a map of the week segment! I made it up to you though by including some funny pre-show test records and bloopers. You'll just have to wait till after the outro music for those.



Evan said...

Great podcast. I missed the last one, for some reason the exiting music sounded like a Metal Gear Solid song. Too much MGS I guess.

Brent said...


Lol. Good podcast dudes, really. I can't wait to get a job so I can buy a PS3 and then Confrontation!!

Anonymous said...

You were right about Zipper's game. I've seen a lot of newbies on the boards asking what the difference is between Confrontation and Zipper's Socom, which they quoted as being the "Real Socom".

That's pretty disappointing because I agree with you guys, I think Zipper is working on something way different. They're probably making a COD4 World of Warcraft hybrid, or something lame to that extent.