Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Video coming this Friday. Yup, I told ya so

1up has put up a new interview/screen shots for Confrontation, and at the very beginning discuss that they will have SOCOM Confrontation footage on the 1up Show this Friday!

This is HUGE. The 1up Show is THE best gaming video podcast on the internet, by far. Can't wait for the episode.


Derek Ferreira said...

my fat ass will be watchin'. thanks for the heads up.

Anonymous said...

great heads up! one thing i noticed in the new screens... no red dots on the radar thank god! looks like confrontation will be sneaky sneaky like it is supposed to be.. cant wait to sneak in behind a tango and plat a claymore, run off, taunt them then BOOM!

p.s. since the official forums are flooded with people sucking up to abigale for a beta invite or posting ideas about things that should be added ( like before 3 with wanting bigger maps and cars) i have started to rely on your site for my SOCOM news. keep up the great work!

Derek Ferreira said...

the 1up show is now up for viewing, check it out.