Wednesday, April 9, 2008

EGM's embargo coming to an end?

Well today I was at Chapters (Canadian book store..maybe they have them in the US too, not sure) and saw the May 08 issue of EGM (the one with Confrontation on the cover, for all you people living in a cave), which can only mean one thing...all your deep and big questions should hopefully have answers coming soon.

I'm sure EGM probably has another week left on the embargo, at which point will probably ride a nice wave of information to all it's readers before places like IGN and GameSpot can start reporting on the game as well. So my advice to you, start paying close attention to, and of course the Confrontation boards. We'll probably be getting some more information, screens, and possibly even video (fingers crossed), real soon.


Anonymous said...

I sure hope so, I read the article in the EGM. Was pretty informative and it just has more hyped even more. Specially when there might be more of older maps making a comeback than just crossroads.

Keeping my fingers crossed here ahhhaahah

But, 1up and the PS3 boards thats all nice and dandy but I come here for that kind of info, if you know what i mean. hahahahah I'm sure you wont dissapoint. Good day.

Derek Ferreira said...

Dave, after looking at the Chapters website it seems only in Canada. here in the usa we got Barnes and noble as well as Borders as the big Book stores.