Thursday, April 10, 2008

Reminder concerning and the reason for why I do this

Just so everyone who follows this site is clear, I'm not reposting everything that ends up on That website should no doubt already be bookmarked by every SOCOM fan out there so there would be absolutely no reason for me to repost it on my site every day when posts something.

Of course though, it all depends on the story. If is the first one to post new screen shots or a video of Confrontation, I'm obviously going to make a new post about it, and link to it. But for their normal, every day, updates, like this one on the Hk5, their gun of the week, I won't.

To remind people who may not already know the purpose of this website. It's not only to inform, but also to give a voice to the hardcore SOCOM gamer that I still believe you won't find anywhere else. Instead of regurgitating information, I try to inject my personality and a voice into everything I write and record, and I hope that comes through.

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