Saturday, April 5, 2008

"The Real SOCOM" Podcast - Episode 1

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Hey everyone, I told you it wouldn't be long.

This is the very first episode of my new podcast, "The Real SOCOM" Podcast. This first episode is roughly 45min, Hellman is my co-host, I hope you enjoy the listen and all feedback here (what you liked/didn't like, suggestions, segments you'd like to see) in the comments section is welcome.


Hugo De Payenz said...
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Hugo De Payenz said...

I hated cod4's weapons system

I hated the 1 attachment.

I hated taking forever to get silencers, and only snipers getting scopes.

I also hating getting only few weapons.

Though i kinda liked the way you have to have so many headshots to get special skins.

Derek Ferreira said...

I am downloading this now. Thanks for doing this for all the SOCOM fans DAVE. will you put it itunes as well?

Jeremy said...

Dave, I'm trying to get ahold of your email but can't seem to find it here anywhere.

Shoot me an email on jmahonATgmailDOTcom

I want to talk to you about some website design....

Thanks man, listening to the podcast now!

- Jeremy

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the podcast very much, I agree with Hellmans dream, I believe every true SOCOMer shares the same dream Hellman has ahhahahah I know I do. Re-Make SOCOM II with no cheaters and lag and you’ll have a game that sells millions of copies. About the maps, the thing is all the maps are good. Like each man in SOCOM I and SOCOM II are fun. Every map has its own lil thing that people love. So its hard to distinguish a fav. Map. Specially if they are bringing old maps back, They just need to have them all because all of the maps had something special that everybody enjoyed. I hope you guys keep up with the podcast and I hope Zipper and Slant Six are listening because you guys are putting out there what every true SOCOMer really wants the devs to hear.

Keep it up.


Coramoor said...

hey this is coramoor from the one up boards, also on your friend's list for socom

i'd love to be on your podcast for the next ep, and good show man i liked it

TheBeachHead said...

Long time Socom fan here, just happened to stumble upon your page. I'm loving it so far! Great idea with the podcast, a little rough around the edges but pretty damn good for the first go around. It's great to know there are so many die hard Socom fans out there. My clan and I share the same passion as you do when it comes to the 1 & 2, and the mutual disgust in everything there after. Keep up the good work and I'll definately spread the word about the blog!

Derek - Seattle, WA

Jarrod said...

Now, having listened to your podcast, I have realized that you all do not know as much about Socom that I though you! I can't count how many times you couldn't call something the correct term.I am just messing with you I though it was funnny.

David Doel said...

If you're talking about Hellman calling Slant Six, "Six Slants", he does it on purpose.