Saturday, April 5, 2008

A sneak peak at the upcoming podcast with a look at the past

The people who follow the blog probably know by now that a podcast from me is in the works. What you might not have known is that I've had it on the back burner since July of last year, before this blog even existed.

Originally me and Hellman were planning on recording our first show the week before the new E3, but for one reason or another it kept getting pushed back till finally we were both back in college, the Confrontation information flow was at a crawl, and neither of us had much free time to execute a podcast.

Well now, even though I'm busy as hell trying to finish this semester, the SOCOM info is at an all-time high meaning there is so much we want to talk about.

So to give you a peak at the outline I originally conceived for, what was to be, our first show this past July, here was my design doc for "SOCOM Show 01";

SOCOM Show 01 - July 2007

1st Show Intro:
Each host will introduce themselves and their history in gaming and in SOCOM, and how we met.

My [David] Intro:
• I currently reside in Ontario Canada
• Began writing for a website called
• Went on to write for CVGames
• Then went on to run
• Came back to CVGames where I still freelance now
• I post on NeoGaf under the name ‘Doel’, IGN as a moderator under the name ‘daviddoel’, forums under the name ‘daviddoel’, and finally the 1up boards under the name ‘David2Crazy’
• You may have seen my analysis of the SOCOM Confrontation trailer from Sony Gamers Day, which I posted on a few different message boards.
• And you may have heard my name mentioned on the 1up Yours podcast and the IGN Playstation Podcast a couple weeks ago where I posed the question "is the SOCOM franchise being ignored by the media."
• Discuss why I’ve decided to start this podcast
• Mention our RSVegas clan name “SBS” Spoiled by SOCOM :p

Topic of the week:
• Breakdown of what we know about Confrontation thus far
• The media’s view on Slant Six
• How its shaped up visually
• Tidbits of info on audio from the Auguest issue of EGM
• New info from IGN Q&A with Seth Luisi
• My open letter to Sony, Slant Six, and Zipper
• Discuss the Online interface
• I wonder if Confrontation will even be able to capture that feeling of being the last guy left on your team up against 4 terrorists in the 11th round...picking the first 3 guys off with an M4A1SD from a safe distance, and then getting into a crazy firefight with the last guy, with both of you dying at once and then waiting for the verdict...."SEALS Victorious!".
• Possibility of semi-destructible environments to hurt other players
• Blymik’s thread
• Match-making vs Classic lobby setup

Map of the Week:
• Crossroads
• It’s implementation in SOCOM 2
• It’s implementation in Confrontation

Keep in mind that all of that was written in July 2007; obviously a lot of this has changed, including the format. But there are some aspects of that document that I will retain for our first episode, which will be called "The Real SOCOM Podcast".

When is our first episode coming? Probably sooner than you think ;)

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Anonymous said...

hahahahhahaha, I cant wait. I love the way you described the feeling of 1vs4 with a M4A1 SD on the 11th round. That alone speaks a lot, of how much you know about the game. Well I cant wait till the podcast hits and Uh let me know if you need any graphics. I got my associates degree for drafting and design and I'm currently attending for my Bachelors in Game Design. I need some portfolio work so let me know if you need anything. email: