Monday, March 3, 2008

What the traditional 3rd person view might look like

So far all the screens and video we've seen thus far appear to have been from their new OTS (over-the-shoulder) view point. Due to a SlantSix post on the boards a while ago, we are aware that traditional 3rd person will still be in the game. So using one of the new screen shots from this past weekend, a poster on the boards named Bocephus created his interpretation of what the traditional 3rd-person might look like in comparison to the OTS view.

Take a look:

Traditional 3rd-person view created by Bocephus:

Original image of OTS view:

I like it. I know I'll give OTS a shot but I think I'll probably be sticking with the traditional 3rd-person view. Hard to know until I get my hands on the game though. And nice job Bocephus for putting that together!


poprocker said...

I would really like to know how the 2 different views are going to implemented. Is it player preference? Is it forced by the host?

Have you heard anything about this?

David Doel said...

From what I understand, it should be an option. Just like you had the option to play all the SOCOM games from a 1st-person, reticule only, point of view.

Jo-DaNe said...

Hey david dont know if you ever played any of the GRAW games but they used the OTS view in a tactical game like socom and I thought it worked great. Its good for if you need to lean out or peek out to snipe, because you dont expose your body before you can get a clean shot. Also, to me 3ps seems like you are watching somebody shooting something, OTS seems like you are actually shooting something (not as much as FPS but still).