Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Confrontation hitting September 16th

Ok...I'm REALLY drunk right now. See, the benefit of this being a blog is that I can be straight forward with you. I just came back from an after party for an Awards show for our television program (very professionally done, awesome stuff). So I'm a bit late with all the big news tonight, but basically SOCOM Confrontation is planned to be hitting on September 16th. Go here to 1up for the full story.


Jarrod said...

Been waiting up to check your site to see if it was true. Well September sucks, but its better than never. Thanks!

Raymond said...

For a game that was supposed to be going back to it's roots all of these new tweaks are making this into another game entirely. As a socomer from way back, and the socom series being the most compelling reason to buy a PS3 for me these changes are very troubling. As a friend of mine said earlier They stole all of these "tweaks" from other games but "where is our cover system. They added everything else why not that".

David Doel said...

Ya I hear you. And quite honestly a cover system is one of those things that WOULDN'T have ruined anything imo.

But I still think people need to hold judgment until they get to play it themselves.