Sunday, March 2, 2008

Speculation: Confrontation to be released with more than 5 maps?

This is pure speculation, but WesM733 of the boards pointed something out in one of the new screen shots that I find interesting.

In this image, on the left side of the building as well as on the front right, you can see an image that looks like the Polish flag. If that is in fact the Polish flag, then what would it be doing on a North African-themed map when Poland is in Europe? If you remember, when the game was first announced the plan was to release it with "5 North African themed maps" including Crossroads. Is this a sign that Confrontation will launch with more than 5 maps? Maybe it just means that Slant Six had a change of plans and decided to geographically mix it up a bit within the first 5 maps. Or, it could mean absolutely nothing and that image could be a placeholder.

I assume we'll know for sure in a month when the new EGM starts hitting subscriber's mailboxes, but none the less its fun to speculate.

recklessmind of Neogaf pointed out that it looks more like Austria's flag, also a European country.


Derek Ferreira said...

I think perhaps they wanted to mix things up a bit. Warhawk only had 5 maps to start with and I think this will be similar that approach. good looking out by that guy.

CmdrVOODOO said...

Slant Six has had several extra months to work on Confrontation since the last time we got any real intel so we certainly could end up with more maps at release than the 5 we heard about back in May. I will not disagree with that.

Assuming it is in fact a flag on that sign and not something else; a flag on a billboard/sign is a bit flawed as an indicator of what country you're in. I'm in the U.S., yet the building next to my office has a big sign with an Italian flag on it... it's an Italian restaurant.

If it is in fact a flag and it's not a restaurant, are other things it could be. It could be an advertisement for Austrian Airlines or, I don't know, an advertisement for singing/dancing Polish folk band!

If the flag were "flying" on top of the building or on a pole in the screenshot then I'd say there was good evidence of a new area of operation we have yet to hear about. But even an actual flag flying could point to the building being a foreign embassy.

Just my $0.02