Thursday, March 20, 2008

SOCOM Confrontation Special Forces Unveiled

Straight from 1up.

Check it out!

The EGM issue is almost here :)


From the 1up story:
Joining a special force is now a perk associated with joining a clan; solo players will still be able to play as either commandos or mercenaries, but special forces (and their associated uniforms, gear, and weapons) will only be available to clan members.
I can't say I'm liking the sound of that. Just giving any player some sort of advantage like that as in, more weapons) is ridiculous, and against what SOCOM is about. Everyone should be on a level playing field and your experience, playing style, and skill is what should set you apart.

Hopefully there is more to it then what was said.

On second thought, it wouldn't be much different than when terrorists and seals had different weapon selections. But I still wouldn't want it to be based on what equipment we are wearing (ie: if I prefer the look of SAS, I don't want to be stuck with only SAS weapons). So I hope that isn't the case.


TheRookie45 said...

Any idea what day the magazine comes out?

Derek Ferreira said...

I think it ships to SUBS nest week. I'm sure you'll hear about it when it arrives.

David Doel said...

It's being shipped next week. I'm a subscriber and it normally comes the last week of the month, but sadly I'll be 3 hours away when it arrives next week.

Jarrod said...

Everyone says..."more realistic is better"...If you are one of those, quit bitchin, this is right up your alley!