Thursday, August 28, 2008

Slow week

I guess it's the calm before the storm. Nothing new to talk about but the open beta is hitting on Monday and you'll all finally be able to enjoy this wonderful game ;).

Remember, the beta emails haven't been sent out yet (so don't panic), but once they do email you the code, ensure that you download your copy first and THEN give away the code to two other people. If you don't know who to share your code with then make a post on a message board, or even reply to the many comments from people on here who are begging for one.


Davoi said...

Hi everyone am from canada and eb games dont have the code for the beta if someone have a extra code please let me know a really apreciated , a start playing socom at the beginig socom 1 am really upset because the first time a buy quore LOL .. after that a participate for win a beta code ,, and the last chance a pre order the game on eb canada a loose... so please someone have a code for me .... let know

Anonymous said...

hi congrulations to the winners . i just hope one of you lucky winners will give me a code when you get them . i want to play socom so much i'v played from the 1st one .

plz let me know if ya can share one plaese i'm begging now lol

ps i am a member just cant remember my password lol


Evan said...

You should make a podcast. Just make sure what you talk about is already published ;)

David Doel said...

There will be another podcast when I'm allowed to talk about the game ;).