Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Open beta date coming tomorrow

Abigale made a post on the boards today:

Hi, All-

Ok- So today you read about the prices for the different versions of Confrontation on You also heard from GameStop that they will be the ones distributing the pre-order Beta keys. So that only leaves one big question, right?

When does the Open Beta start?

Well, we will be giving you the answer to that question and the rest of the details on the Open Beta tomorrow on! Barring any unforeseen issues, it will all be published then. I don't think there will be any issues but I always have to say that. If something should happen that it doesn't go up on time, you guys will never let me hear the end of it! :smileywink:

So finally... tomorrow you will know! I am so glad that you will finally have your answer on when the Open Beta starts! :smileyhappy:

So there you go!

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