Monday, August 4, 2008

Beta update from Abigale

Nothing really new, but it sounds like a beta date is coming soon.

Hi, All-

I know you are all very impatient about the Beta. I wish I could tell you more. Or even better, I wish I could hurry everything up for you. But alas, those things are not in my power.

We cannot and will not announce any details until everything is ready and set in stone. If I even gave you a target date and then we missed it because something unforeseen came up, can you imagine the flack we would take for that? So we don't say anything until we are 100% positive of what is going to happen and when.

That being said... we are trying to get the last details worked out so that we can announce when the Open Beta will start. We should be announcing the date very shortly. Again, I won't even give you a time frame for that because you never know what could happen between now and then. But the plan is to get you that info very soon. Believe me, I want it announced as badly as you do.

As for the Closed Beta, I can't tell you anything on that, as always. But we are getting that process moving as quickly as possible as well.

I know you all want more info and you have been waiting patiently. There are just so many details to get into place with all of this and we want to have everything worked out and absolute before we make it public. But what I can tell you is... we're almost there. :smileywink:

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swell said...

So you haven't got your closed beta invite yet david? ;)