Saturday, August 16, 2008

Giving away 7 SOCOM beta codes

Hey, sorry I've been gone so long, but now I'm back, and with a treat ;)

I'm giving away 7 SOCOM Confrontation Open Beta codes. All you have to do is make a comment on this post with your email address and tell me why you should have a beta code. Don't worry about making it too long, a short explanation will do.

I'll be selecting the winners on Friday, August 22nd, posting the winners on this blog and sending them each an email with the code.

Please do not enter this contest if you already have a code or are already planning on pre-ordering the game.

Good luck!

EDIT: And to clarify, these are 7 separate codes. So each person that gets one will be able to share it with 2 other people.


Ryan said...

i should receive a beta code because I subscribe to your blog and am the first to reply!

Also, i'm a dedicated Socom fan since day 1.

My email address is

hope to you see you in the beta!

AlterEgo said...

Because...I went to Gamestop and they didn't have beta codes in yet.

The 5 dollars I had is GOONNNNNEEE and I absolutely NEED to be in this beta.



If not, then I'll have to whore my body out for 5 bucks in a short time before Gamestop decides to get the codes in... I really want to download the PSN version anyways.

HÃ¥kon said...

I would like a beta-code because I have spent the last 5 years informing the Norwegian Socom-community ( about the whats and wheres of Socom.
With a beta-code, I could inform them even better before Confrontation.

Thank you, and regards

Anonymous said...

this would be my 1st socom and i wanna see how awesome it is thanks!

BasH said...



.... dont make a grown man cry, all he wants is the game he loved... loves... and needs

Anonymous said...

i have played all the previous socom and i'm really looking forward to this one and i would love to play the beta :)
regards simon


Anonymous said...

hi im erupt i dont got a creditcard, dont watch the other guys making up crying stories.

i just need one so email:

thanks for your time love too hear from you

Anonymous said...

Because I've been waiting for a looong time for another online shooter as good as Socom 2 was.


Anonymous said...

because I'm going insane without socom ps3style. Gamestop sells used games as new so I won't buy from there.I have been a fan since socom 1 and now I want to see how great it is on the PS3.

Anonymous said...

Because I wrecked my car so i'll be stuck in the house for a long time. What better to do but play socom while your car is in the shop?

JT said...

Hey David. I'd love to have a beta code. I played SOCOM 2 a lot back in the day, as well as Fireteam Bravo on the PSP, and basically love the SOCOM franchise. Getting the chance to play with you and others before anyone else would be pretty awesome.

My email address is Thanks for the opportunity!

-JT (Flunkie)

Jesus said...

I deserve a code because, I've been playing SOCOM since November of 2002, I've played every SOCOM released on consoles and I've never gotten into a BETA. I NEED this BETA, for myself, and for my clan. How else am I going to practice putting mines on the fish market awning, and both stairs of the terrorist spawn in Crossroads?


My e-mail is:

Wardude185 said...

I should receive a beta code because I preordered Socom Confrontation, and when I went to the store, they were out and they said they were not going to have more, and I really want to be in this beta because I know Socom is awesome and I want to try this one out. my email is I hope I get picked =)

Colin said...

I've been on the fence with the new SOCOM because I loved SOCOM 1 but I didn't have time to play SOCOM 2 or 3 when they came out dude to school and other things. With so many other shooters coming out this fall I want to see if the game will be great and worth my $60.

Thanks and I'll keep following you over at IGN David

Gavin said...

I would love a invite because im been playing SOCOM since the beta of SOCOM1 lol its the game that got me obessed with online games, i played socom 1 and 2 to death...socom 3...not so much :P and i have such high hopes for confrontation as its meant to be going back to the roots :D so i wanna get my hands on it asap lol


Anonymous said...

Well you should give me the beta code because I tried I spent a couple hours on one of those phone broadcasts for nothing! AND to top it off I was on vacation then. LOL
No but seriously I should get invited because I am the type of person that is well known on SOCOM...well at least 2.

My email is

I hope to be playing with you some day.

thanks dave

rob said...
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rob said...

i'd love a beta code as being a member of >X< Elite Clan winners on the esl on socom 2, the clan would love a beta test before the other clans get a jump on us. enail-

Gabriel said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey I've been waiting for this since I heard of the PS3. This is gonna be the best Socom ever! All games up tip now(GRAW,GoW,CoD4,MGS4) have all been practice for this one. I bought a PS3 just for this. You can send me a code at

Anonymous said...

Apart from being a huge SOCOM fan, I am an awesome shooter player.

I am a killing machine and this is why my nickname on both the PS3 and the 360 is Terminator (TerminatorGR to be exact).

This is easily explainable. As a machine I can make the right decisions more quickly and swiftly than most players. Put me in a shooter and I will terminate the enemies in a way you haven't seen before.

Once a guy in COD4 said to me: "Hey Terminator, you really justify your name man." That was after I had accumulated around 600 points with the second of my team at around 250, after the round was over.

These days, I exterminate huge numbers of enemies in Battlefield Bad Company. Check the leaderboards (PS3), I am around no.24 in the world.

It would be stupid not to give a key to a player like me. Except of course if you are afraid of me.

So play with me if you want to live...

Mitchel said...

I would like the beta code for my USA account because I am from Europe, The Netherlands and we aren't getting the beta. Playing since Socom 1, qore can't be downloaded cause my creditcard doesn't work on the USA account. My email:

DarkKnight_13 said...

I would like to have a beta code, because this is going to be my very first SOCOM game that I'll be getting and I would really like to try out the game before it comes out to see if I like it.

My email is

Anonymous said...

As one dedicated SOCOM fan to another I would like to have one of these beta codes because my local EB Games has already recieved more Pre-Orders than then number of vouchers they expect to recieve. And with me being away till the 22nd if they do get more they will likely begone by the time I get back.

Also, in the name of friendly competition if you do give me one of your codes I personnaly would love to challenge you 1v1 in the beta to see who wins. Bragging rights.

Thanks alot,

TehSonyGirl said...

Yay a contest!

I've never been a huge shooter fan, but I've always wanted to try SOCOM. With the newest game so close to release, a beta would give me the perfect chance to see if this is something I'd enjoy!

I'd also like to be able to comment on this game before release on the IGN boards to give others an idea of how it plays/feels. I love posting impressions.

Thanks for the chance!

Paul said...

I would please like a SOCOM beta key so I can play what I expect to be an awesome shooter on the PS3. I have never played a SOCOM game before and am really looking forward to playing SOCOM because it sounds really great. I have put over 250 hours into Call of Duty 4 on the PS3 and I think SOCOM will be a game to steal the CoD crown away from PSN.
I also look forward to inviting two other hardcore CoD4 gamers into the SOCOM beta with my key.
Hopefully SOCOM on the PS3 will be a beautiful thing.



Joey said...

i believe i should recieve this code because i've been playing socom since day one when the first socom came out. i used to play everyday. I've lead many clans in the past that have been pretty successfull and hope to start a new one when SC releases.I would like to get a feel for the game before the real one comes out. also my nearest gamestop is about 150 miles away so im struggling to get this code.


Anonymous said...

I'm from Europe so its quite hard to get a code :-/

The thing is i have been looking for a counterstrike-killer eversince 2003 and never found one. judging by the screenshots this game has a fair chance. now if i could only try it ;-)

Anyway good luck and tumbs up for all your work (here and on GAF).

Joel said...

Funny story... EBgames stores in Canada "didn't even know about this promotion". So winning a code here would help a lot. (Please and thank you) :)

Fco Javier said...

Hi m8, i will be honest, i would get one of these codes for the beta because / for:

- To play in every game that Crossroads can from 1 until September 30.

- Because i am a fan of SOCOM from day one that played online.

- Because i like to know much all news and announcements of the game and i'm very involved. (It is the only game on the PS3 game now ...)

- And because i would like to begin to take effect as soon as possible:)

I hope that these are valid reasons to get a code for the beta.

Regards & good luck to all.


Hershy said...

I would like a code because I have never tried a SOCOM before and would really enjoy trying this one. Also, my Gamestop was out of codes, and the only other beta I've been in was for MGO.


Anonymous said...

I would like to receive a BETA code because I would like to get more friends in the BETA. Most of them are unsure about getting Socom and I think the BETA will help them decide!

sashasmola said...

Hey man, really good to hear your doing this.

I think I deserve a beta key, why? Because here in canada were yet to get our keys..and I living too far away from a local eb games..wont be able to join you all in the beta.

Please email me if I am selected.

Mike said...

I have never played SOCOM and would like to see what the fuss is all about!

Anonymous said...

Well I should recieve a beta code because I've been playing socom for a while. ever since socom 1 and plus I have no more chances. I went to Gamespot asked if they had anymore left and they said no. I went on that phone broadcast for a good couple of hours and nothing. Im pretty much dying to get a code just because I WANT THAT 7 days early and not start on the 8th.

SO PLEASE PLEASE! I am dying for the code.


I would be looking forward to seeing you in the battlefield :)

Paul said...
(yes, that really is my e-mail)

My friends and I are huge Socom fans and we'd love the beta code. We're all going separate ways to College and won't play much together and would love to have the socom beta as our last time before school to play a great game.

Bryan Giardino said...

I have been trying to get one here in Canada but my eb games are giving me a very hard time about this game. I have got to the point where I just cant seem to get my hands on one no matter how hard I try.

Will be much appreciated if you toss me one.

Anonymous said...

Hey man I'm a huge socom fan and where I live they don't even have codes yet, Ottawa, Canada. There's 6 stores around me and NO CODES. It Sucks big time. You were lucky enough to get your hands on 7 lol which is sweet. Anyway if you want to help a brother out my email is

if you gave them away already that's cool atleast your helping other socom fans!

Anonymous said...

You want to give me a code because you know all the sexual favors I will give you in return. Ooo yeah! Have a big old oil and SOCOM party in the den with the lights turned low. Can you dig it?


Redhot_ said...

Yoo David im in Geulph Ontario, and none of my EB Games got the codes at all, how did you get 7?! I did already buy the full game w/hs. help a fellow Canadian out lol.

Anonymous said...

Yo Yo, Ive wasted way too many hours on the Socom series to not be in this Beta. So count me in one of your codes woud be awesome.


Anonymous said...


I believe I should get a beta code because I am a long time supporter of SOCOM, from the PS2 to the PSP.
I am also the director of a Machinima group which will be filming in Confrontation, and I would to look at what kind of machinima options Confrontation offers.

Matt said...

That's awesome man. Hope to get one. Never been a big SOCOM fan before, but this game has somehow caused a great interest in me.

My email address is

mike said...

I live in Canada, I pre-ordered the game, I called all the Eb-games next to me they said they don't have the beta codes and probably wont get them :( this is really ironic, because the company that is making socom: confrontation is slant six which is Canadian.

my email

please, and thank you

Anonymous said...

Hello. I want the beta code because i love socom nd intruduce it 2 my neighbor who keeps saying its nothing big. Also I listen to ur podcast. Also i dont have a car to go to gamestop and Its about 10 miles away. Its really hard to buy stuff when you dont have a car. I hope i win d code and share with my neighbor nd a psn friend Thank You.

My email is
TY nd hope i win

skibby said...

i think i sould get a beta code as my dad is as tight as a ducks ass as he wont let me buy Qore or pre-order as he thinks its a waste of money...

my email is

thanks and hope to be shotting you soon.....

Anonymous said...

I love you.

And I give great massages.

If you don't give me the BETA I'm going to lock myself in my closet and draw pictures of children crying.


Anonymous said...
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Da_Best_12 said...

i should receive a beta code, because i am really on the fence about this game, and getting into and playing the beta would make really make me decide whether to get it or not. please


GatorCC said...
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GatorCC said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Socom looks so cool, but I've never played it. That's where you come in, my brother and I are oblivioius to Socom, I've heard all the hype, seen some insane videos and was awestruck. I really need to get into the beta, because then my brother and I would both be able to play it, and hopefully love it. If we do then we'll buy it(split of course, $30 each) I'd love to add you as a friend on the psn and we could get into some good games together when we do decide to buy it.

my email is:

Kurtiz said...

I never played Socom before but I really wanna try this game out. Im hypred for it and never been in a beta in any kind of game before so hopefully this can be my first. I would really! appreciate a beta code. Thanks alot for the offers.. your too kind.

my email is

Prototype23 said...

I would love to try out the beta, I had played Socom when it first came out and was addicted, anxious to see how its playing now

MonkeyPants said...

David, you owe me for that one time with the thing and that girl with the monkey greese and the cheese sandwich. Yeah I think we understand each other.

Brazzle said...

I would love a beta code because I've never had the opportunity to play a SOCOM game and I just wish I knew what it was all about.

Lachamania said...

I play regularly, fairly and competitively.l

Derek Ferreira said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Derek Ferreira said...

Dave I feel like I deserve a code because I will be leading a casual clan for this game and wanted to get some early play time with it to start to set things up.

my email is

Alfredo said...

1.Because I want it.
2.Because I am canadian (less chance of getting vouchers than are american brothers)
3. Because I am from Quebec (lesser chance of getting it, seems like quebec is always forgotten)
4. Because Because Because Because.

Cody said...

I deserve the code cause i love Socom games. I have tried sooo harddd to get into this beta but everytime i do this i never get one. I would love to have this code and would make a great birthday gift since i cant get anything this year:(

my email:

Anonymous said...

I should get the beta code because my friends and I have been huge fans of SOCOM since the day it came out on the PS2. Me and 3 of my friends traveled to over 10 stores in an 150 mile radius of our town to get 4 copies of the game and 4 network adapters the day it launched.

The 4 of us had an apartment when SOCOM 2 hit and we had all 4 TV/PS2s lined up and would play damn near all night.

I LOVE this series. I picked up a PS3 a launch because I knew this series would be back.

Thanks for doing the contest. Love the podcast BTW.


Anonymous said...

I should get a beta code because then I can brag to my friends about how I won a beta code.

RAizzle said...

I should get this beta code because I love killing people strategically. I miss the good 'ol days where you could really make friends in online shooters because of the way you work together. Thanks for the opportunity.

Anonymous said...

Socom For The Win


akachan ningen said...

I need a beta code because I want to try before I buy. I've never played socom before but it looks cool.

akachan ningen said...

forgot email.

Anonymous said...

I want in so I can see what all the hub-bub is about this franchise. What with the big empahsis on teamwork, this beta would be a perfect introduction for me to the series.

Dan said...

My name is dan.

Did you hear about the new corduroy pillows????

They're making headlines!!!!!!

I would love a beta key cause that joke made your day. if not it made you laugh.

Alfredo said...

1.Because I want it.
2.Because I am canadian (less chance of getting vouchers than are american brothers)
3. Because I am from Quebec (lesser chance of getting it, seems like quebec is always forgotten)
4. Because Because Because Because

-ARNiE- said...

Hey Doel, I would love to recieve a Socom beta code because as a contributor to your thread on NeoGaf, i am eagerly anticipating this game. Firstly I have never played a socom game online before due to never having managed to get my ps2 online. Secondly i have been championing this game since its announcement on my belief that due to it's own merits it looks like a really great deep online shooter.

To conclude i would love to take my first virginal steps into the realistic world of the online shooter that is Socom, with your help Doel (the king of the Socom community) so i can prove to my brother and friends that this really is the best multiplayer shooter releasing this year.

My Neogaf name is -ARNiE- if you remember me and my email address is : - thanks

hockeymn1212 said...

hi its hockeyman! i reallly like socom alot i reallly like ur paodcast and i really need a code! HOLLA AT ME

Gabriel del Valle said...

Hi there. I'm not gonna talk about crying or killing too many people or whatever...
I'll just tell you the truth: I'm a big fan of shooters and military stuff, and SOCOM it's no exception. I'm from Venezuela (yeah, the country you destroy in Mercenaries 2...) and I will not make the pre-order in GameStop because the shipping costs $59.99!!!!!!!!! The same prize of the game!!!!!!! And besides, there's too many people saying that there are no more codes... Thanks man and may the Force be with you...

The email is

Anonymous said...

Funny story Dave,

I have kept up with your blog since it came out, even at times where I'm the only one making a comment. Now you have a blog about a "treat" and everybody is commenting.

I've been here before and after, I think I deserve the code more than anybody on your blog.

Anonymous said...

Hello, I want to have one of these codes to see the bugs (glitches) and fix it. For don´t have problems in the final version.


WaXmAn said...

My PS3 is collecting Dust. This put my PS3 to G00D use :)


Anonymous said...

Man, I'd love a chance to get to play this. I have no awesome reason for why you should pick me, other than I think the game looks ace and would love a chance to try it out.

velvet elvis said...

i should receive one because i would really like one. thanks if you decide to give me and thanks for the opportunity if you don't. either way, i'll see you online when it comes out and get you back then.

GunLob said...


......even though 78 people have already gotten their comments in, I'm still willing to try my chance at obtaining a code even if the chances arent likely. Plain and simple, I loved SOCOM 1 & 2 and Confrontation is the return to the good ole days. Nothing more nothing less dude. Forget people talking about their SOCOM fansites, Gamestop not having enough pre-orders, claiming they are the biggest fans of the series, claiming its the only bday gift they'll ever get blah blah.... I loved SOCOM 1 & 2 and am dying for the fucking return of the series which is CONFRONTATION.

I dont have anything else to say.

Thank You.

Anonymous said...

I believe I should receive a beta code because I can contribute comments that will be helpful to the finished product.

So, please? :p

DJ said...

Good news...I preordered confrontation online from gamestop and had not received my email invite I emialed gamestop and they got back with me today witht he following response..........................Dear Customer,

Thank you for contacting

We have begun sending out SOCOM codes this morning. The list of
customers is very large and can sometimes take all day to get every code
out. Please keep checking your email throughout the day for your Beta
If you have any other questions, please feel free to respond to this

Best regards,
Customer Service Agent

lupus2004 said...

I was not going to do this but i want it so much .
(1) been a die hard fan from socom 1 had it online the first day it come out
(2) the only reson i got a ps3 is for this game i have not bought a game for the ps3 couse it will be a waste of money once socom come out .
(3)cant wait till i get on the new maps (crossroads)
(4) i will give my other 2 codes i get . If i get this one back to you so 2 more ppl from this site can play to .
(5) i need this so much . even my wife says i need it couse im doing her head in .
(6) i can stop playing with my self just for the sake of it
(7) your site is my home page i just needed to know what was going on



Anonymous said...

I've been playing much time at SOCOM, exactly since SOCOM 1, I would like this test to solve problems that may arise in the future

my email address is

Andy Ward said...

You should give me a beta code because:

I think I might be in love with you and I'll tell the world about the child I gave birth to that you fathered if you don't give me a code.

By the way, I'm a man and that whole thing was a lie. I'd still really appreciate a beta code though - I did catch your attention didn't I?!

Andy Ward said...

Also, I'd like to add that I would appreciate having a beta code because I'm 33 years old, living in the UK and I don't get as much spare time as these young fellas so I'll need as much of a headstart to find decent ambush/sniping/hiding points as possible before I get over-run by more dextrous juniors!

Help an OAP!

Andy Ward said...

Sorry, I forgot to put my email address on those two comments! It's


PS - I do love you. ;)

K2Valor said...

I should have the code because I am going to share the beta with two of my friend. And I don't have 5 dollars, I spent it on cheesecake.

Oh, and the game looks good.

TheGamer-X said...

I will be clear

- I want to have a beta-code because since i played a SOCOM Online, no other game has given me so many hours of play.

- I want to be the "first" to can play this beta in my new TV.

- I want to be the first to see if the game "gives the stature" as their predecessors.

- Actually, SOCOM is not a simple game, is THE GAME, so i cannot wait more time.

Thank you for the opportunity

My E-mail:

Richard wood said...

Hi don't know what to put but ok
i think i should have a beta code becuase i really want to be a part of it and i can't find one so please can i have one.
Cheers for the chance.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

I believe I am deserving enough to receive a beta code. I am a Corporal in the Marine Corps and I'm stationed down in North Carolina at Camp Lejeune. There is'nt much to do in my free time except play the few games I have on my PS3. I have been a huge fan of the entire Socom series since Socom 1. As you could imagine it has been really difficult to obtain a beta code considering my situation. I would greatly appreciate a beta code and if not, I thank you for your consideration.

my email address is

robin said...
never got to enjoy socom online and it looks really good also cant buy because parents wont let me and i dont have enough money to preorder i just want to try it out can u atleast give me one of the free codes or at least the friend thing pleasee?? i really want to try it even if u dont have jus message me and tell me dat u cant or ill be waitin and waiting for the code also because im always late there was a forum that had like 30 codes i wuz one day late and they were all taken i tried every last one so please tell me u hav one?
also psn lilndn

Anonymous said...

September 1st is my birthday....................I preordered it yesterday n they said they ran out of codes.can someone please send me a code

Paul Coutinho said...

SOCOM can´t pre-order in Portugal, nor can any of may local mates so getting in on a code would be soo cool.

Would be a nice birthday gift )D.

JT said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
JT said...

I actually pre-ordered the game online thru Gamestop but I am having trouble receiving the codes. It has been 4 days since I registered athe SOCOM public beta site. There is no support for the site either. I bought a PS3 jus for this game and to be involved with the beta. Help please. BTW its cool that your being generous with code. Cheers

squeekem said...

You guys who didn't get one of the 7 beta codes may want to check on the PSN fourms under SOCOM Confrontation beta, last week they were posting who had extra's! I pre ordered so I have mine :P

nick said...

ill take a code! email

Anonymous said...

I think I should receive a beta code because, I really really wont one like everyone else here and socom is the only reason I bought a PS3 if it wasn't for socom I would have never spent $600 on a ps3 lol its true. please. thank you for your time.

Jason said...

Im gonna keep this short been a socom fan all my life dont have any money at all to even preorder had to get a new house no money and i really just want to play my all times i already have all the others and still play them just wanna do the same with the knew one


OG-Shadow said...

Please...I think I deserve a code because socom is my favorite game since socom 1 but anyway I lost my job looking for a beta code. I went from North Carolina (where I live) to South Carolina to Georgia to Florida and back to N.C. My wife wants to leave me, I have a new born son, and my car is messing up on me. I just wish I could catch a break can you help me?

My E-mail is:

Moose said...


____ ___ ____ ___ __ __
/ ___| / _ \ / ___/ _ \| \/ |
\___ \| | | | | | | | | |\/| |
___) | |_| | |__| |_| | | | |
|____/ \___/ \____\___/|_| |_|

____ ___ ____ ___ __ __
/ ___| / _ \ / ___/ _ \| \/ |
\___ \| | | | | | | | | |\/| |
___) | |_| | |__| |_| | | | |
|____/ \___/ \____\___/|_| |_|

____ ___ ____ ___ __ __
/ ___| / _ \ / ___/ _ \| \/ |
\___ \| | | | | | | | | |\/| |
___) | |_| | |__| |_| | | | |
|____/ \___/ \____\___/|_| |_|

____ ___ ____ ___ __ __
/ ___| / _ \ / ___/ _ \| \/ |
\___ \| | | | | | | | | |\/| |
___) | |_| | |__| |_| | | | |
|____/ \___/ \____\___/|_| |_|

____ ___ ____ ___ __ __
/ ___| / _ \ / ___/ _ \| \/ |
\___ \| | | | | | | | | |\/| |
___) | |_| | |__| |_| | | | |
|____/ \___/ \____\___/|_| |_|

____ ___ ____ ___ __ __
/ ___| / _ \ / ___/ _ \| \/ |
\___ \| | | | | | | | | |\/| |
___) | |_| | |__| |_| | | | |
|____/ \___/ \____\___/|_| |_|

Now that I hopefully have your attention. :) I want a code because I payed the demos on the psp and found it quite interesting, but never had enough money to buy the game. I have just got a PS3, YES!!! and would love to start of with an awesome beta.
If you liked my post please send me a code.


Katlin said...

Would like one to give to my brother because its his birthday tomorrow. hit me up at

djjaye said...

ok i come straight out with it. im a newie at socom so i would like to see if it beats my all time fav game cod4.
another good reason is i a great player i play with everyone and i dont camp alot.
basically im thinking of moving to the socom scene and you could make that choice.
i will be glad to team up to. ive heard big things about this game. ive just got mercs2 so im well into army,navy,airforce games.


Anonymous said...

I love Socom II, It was the best ever made, and I see Socom II in Socom Confrontation, when I look at this game, it brings me back to those nostalgic times, and I want to see those same feelings go to this Socom game, I want to see what its like having a Socom game on PS3, that excites me. well I hope to get picked... if not ohh well, I tried my best, but I wont give up, I will see this game through someday, Socom Fan forever!!!!!!!

My e-mail is:
MY PSN ID: Omuyasha