Friday, February 29, 2008

SOCOM franchise gets a new community manager!

That's right. Today on the SOCOM Barracks, the man we only know as DevGru-Echo (previous SOCOM community manager) is "mov[ing] on to other things" while Cindy Bowens (know as Abigale on the boards) is stepping in. She makes an awesome introduction here and here, so be sure to welcome her to the community.

With that, we also get a little bit of bad news as Abigale posted, there is no update today from Slant Six employee(s), SealTeam-6, that some of you were hoping for. But with the EGM cover story on the way, this should come as no surprise. Only a month (possibly 2, depending on the issue) longer till that arrives.

Anyways, I'd like to welcome Cindy Bowens/Abigale to our wonderful community!


Derek Ferreira said...

Hey, I just discovered this blog while browsing the Socom forums at I'll be reading it often to get the latest from a true Socom fan like you. Thanks!!

poprocker said...

David with all the news that you discover and your dedication to the franchise they should at least hire you as co-community manager. seriously!