Monday, February 25, 2008

The purpose

A few important events led to the creation of this blog:
  • The official SOCOM Blog from Zipper going belly up
  • The announcement of SOCOM Confrontation last May
  • My undying love for the franchise and wanting it to return to it's roots
If you are unfamiliar with me, David Doel, I'm a huge advocate for the SOCOM franchise. You'll see me on Neogaf (Doel), IGN Boards (moderator daviddoel), 1up (David2Crazy), and the boards (daviddoel). I'm the creator of the SOCOM Confrontation thread on Neogaf and have often posed the question "Is SOCOM being ignored by the media", and been lucky enough to have that very topic debated on the 1up Yours podcast and IGN's Podcast Beyond.

The first two games are what kick-started my love of online gaming after PC games failed to do so. After having spent at least 2000 hours on these games, I believe I know the franchise in and out, what has made it fun, how exactly SOCOM 3 ruined the fantastic formula of the first two, and what Confrontation needs to do to bring it back.

The purpose of this blog is to keep you updated with the SOCOM franchise. Everything from new Confrontation news to patches for the PSP titles, and occasionally fill those long breaks between news with some social commentary from yours truly.

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poprocker said...

Awesome idea David! Looking forward to the weekly updates!!