Monday, February 25, 2008

SOCOM Confrontation to be an EGM cover story

Well I'm rarely behind when it comes to news, but according to some message board posters Dan "Shoe" Hsu of the 1up/EGM network was on a radio station recently answering questions when the topic of SOCOM came up.

"SOCOM Confrontation is the next SOCOM game for PlayStation 3. It's going to be downloadable uhh straight to your PlayStation 3. They went quiet on that. Uhh When they first came out, and showed the game to everyone it kinda got some bad feedback. It didn't look that good. So actually umm,

I don't know if I can say this.... but I'll say it anyway. It's actually our next cover story. Like in umm, probably in 2 issues from now for most readers like uh if you're just getting the new issue now (the March issue with the PS3 and Snake from MGS4 on the cover). It's the issue after that. We're wrapping that deadline up. We're going have.... NO NO NO! I'm actually way ahead! This maybe two, three months from now (that would be the beginning of April or May AKA the May or June issue of EGM). But we're going to have the 'first look' of the new SOCOM, SOCOM (confrontation) since forever now; I think it's been a year now, with the improved graphics and we're going to talk about all this cool stuff that is in the game. So I think we're more excited about it than we were at this time last year."
Thanks goes to for transcribing the whole thing.

So it looks like we'll still have to wait a month or two, but it should be worth it. And since it's an EGM cover story, I'm hoping Joe Rybicki (free lancer for 1up, and previous writer for OPM) has written it. He is one of the few people in the gaming press who really seem to "get" the SOCOM franchise.

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Jarrod said...

Glad to see another Socom advocate doing something to help the franchise and let the rest of us have somewhere to go to get the latest news! I am a college student majoring in computer science. If you ever need help with a site involving Socom, let me know. I'd be honored to help!