Sunday, March 1, 2009

"The Real SOCOM" March 1st Bitecast

I promised you SOMETHING this week, and I held to that promise. Here is a short conversation me and Hellman had, mostly about SOCOM & KillZone 2. I'm hoping there will be more for us to discuss in the future when both of us have more time to devote to playing Confrontation along with the future potential of DLC.

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Anonymous said...

great mini podcast...we got to hear about how you dont play socom anymore and heard you two bicker back and forth about school and dropping out and working and having or not having a girlfriend....awesome content....maybe you two should replace EGM with all of your wonderful fucking wonder no one post comments to thsi site anymore....

David Doel said...

lol, fair enough argument. I can tell you're angry, but sadly this isn't my full time job. That's why its TheRealSOCOM BLOG, and not WEBSITE. I don't get paid for doing any of this, in fact its costing me a lot of money.

But like I said in the podcast, I have a lot of ideas in how to bring this blog back up to the popularity it once had, and I'm currently pulling some strings behind the scenes for that very thing.

So attempt to put a smile on your face and keep your eyes on the blog in the coming weeks.

Anonymous said...

sorry dude...just venting a little bit...didnt mean to take it out on you and hellman.....peace....