Monday, February 23, 2009

If I can promise you one thing this week...

It's that I'm going to record and post new podcast. If Hellman is free then it will be a full podcast, if not then it will be a bite-sized podcast. Regardless, I WILL post something for you this week, but since there really isn't a lot to talk about, how about you post some questions/suggestions you might have in the comments sections below.



Anonymous said...

I have a general comment/question or even really a poll.

Who is tired of all of the freaking whing and bithcing that is going on in all of the forums about SOCOM: Confrontation? I mean seriously, the game is playing pretty well right now with only a little bit of lag at times. I do not have any major troubles with the lag and neither do any of my may clan members. I can't go to a forum and have a real discussion with anyone without reading stupid dumbass posts from people who love to complain about things that are not bad at all. I think this SOCOM is running as good if not better than any of the past SOCOMS. What are your thoughts or anyone else who read this?

PSN ID: pryvitjoekur

PSN: Rufhless said...

i agree with you people are way to picky as long as i can play with little lag im happy