Monday, March 9, 2009

SOCOM patch 1.40 is up

Went up this morning, finally just finished downloading for me. Took about 6 hours...and downloads are never that slow for me on PSN. Must be a ton of people online right now, especially with the European launch this week. Anyways, below is a list of what the patch does, taken from

  • XMB presence - Medley Game information has been abbreviated, displaying all information required to identify the location of the player.
  • Late Join 'Hitch' improvements - addresses the pause experienced by players when someone late joins a game.
  • Navigating Screens With Large Clans – slow down issue fixed
  • Increased speed of fade at the beginning of the round.
  • Quick Match -
  • Increased countdown timer in Quick Match Pre Game lobby from 20 to 60 seconds.
  • Enabled Quick Match team switching.
  • Ranked, Unranked and Unranked Respawn games, each contains 6 different playlists: 3 8vs8 and 3 16vs16 players.
  • Claymores can now be detonated when player is in the prone position

1 comment:

Rufhless said...

patch was ok expect still very laggy at times but oh well thats socom for ya