Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sloooww news, busy, etc

Hey ya'll,

Sorry for the lack of updates recently. Been so busy with so many different things, I barely have time to even turn on my PS3.

I really appreciate all the emails and blog comments I've gotten from all the SOCOM fans out there. You seem to love the blog and I definitely want to keep it up. If there was more to post I would :p.

And YES, I know, me and Hellman still haven't recorded our review podcast. It will come one day, I just don't know when.

So are you still loving SOCOM? Any things you want changed/added to the game (apart from the obvious trophies & party system)?

And ya, I'm well aware of the Q&A that was done on Specifically the answer to this question:

Why can't we join a game in progress from our friend's list or clan list?

While this was a feature of previous SOCOM games, this was never announced to be a feature for SOCOM: Confrontation. We do realize that it is a highly desired feature and we are looking to see what can be done to add it. No promises, but it is something we want to add.

I mean, how ridiculous is that answer? So because it wasn't promised before we shouldn't expect a feature that SHOULD be in every online game, to be in SOCOM Confrontation?

Like, come on.


Poop Stain said...

I should of knew it was gonna be like this form the Beta .. but i was stupid and bought it anyway ...... I have bought all Socoms in the Past..

I think they knew they had a turd awhile ago thats why it took so long to develop this game .

So they basically took our money and ran

Derek Ferreira said...


I think it's obvious at this point that Confrontation was released to early. It would have better to wait until Jan. or Feb. 09 to release it. I think Sony just wanted it released now and just wants Slant six to patch it up over the next 6 months. Were basically still playing a polished beta at this point.

Now, one thing I would love to add is the ability to load up your saved load outs between rounds. In the armory screen at the main menu you can save up to 6 but as of know you cannot load them up while in the game. It would be much easier that instead of having to change everything like now.

Kelvin212 said...

I agree with Derek. That's an option necessary in this game as well. Dito on the party invites......

Jacob said...

I agree with yall but i do have to give thim some credit with the new patch they are coming out with (1.3) its the first big patch and has some promising features...i suggest you do an entry on it.