Thursday, May 15, 2008

Sony adds Youtube support to PS3 dev kits - what that could mean for SOCOM

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The functionality, which is being debuted in the free Mainichi Issho daily news and entertainment service, will allow uploads of user-created movies to YouTube directly within the game - making the PS3 the first games console to have official support for YouTube, according to Sony.

What does this mean? Well just imagine having the ability to upload your clan wars to Youtube, directly from within SOCOM Confrontation. Thats just one example. This also opens up the possibilities for machinema, videos of your strategies, and so on.


poprocker said...

Hey i asked on the playstation blog if Socom Confrontation was in playable form at SCEA Judges Day today and the answer by Jeff Rubenstein was "Yes".

Hopefully that means demo is super close and perhaps at E3, just around the corner, we'll get some more first hand impressions.

poprocker said...

and by demo i beta. :)

Vanila Gorila said...

I really hope this function is utilized for SC. It would make capture cards a thing of the past and make next gen, well, next gen.

Keep up the good work on the blog David, I read it often.