Monday, May 19, 2008

A new gameplay video

Check it out.

The audio is really good in this one too. You'll notice the voice of the woman from Single Player in past SOCOMs, giving you your objective. At one point in the video you can also hear radio chatter from what sounds like another person playing (who's obviously got a headset on).


poprocker said...

Loved the video. The guy playing was horrible :)

Brian said...

LOL, that guy was terrible. But you got to look out for those Bravo tactics or whatever that guy at the end said.

Derek Ferreira said...

The audio is really superb. Good looking out, Dave.

Patrick said...

Every video of the new Socom is bad. Not one video is some decent player doing well. This happens in every socom, well, I dont know about Socom 1 that kind of came out randomly.
Its like they do it on purpose.