Thursday, May 15, 2008

First round of Q&A answered

Go check out where they have finished up the first round of getting your questions answered. Most interestingly, armor is confirmed to be in the game, but is sounds like it'll be properly implemented rather than making things more complicated, as a later comment from Seth Luisi shows:

Seth Luisi replied on
05.15.08 06:24 AM

We've had the armor in the game for some time and have been testing it with our QA group. Basically, normal players are just picking the armor which they feel looks best, "unless" they want to play a specific role like getting to the satchel first (lightest armor) or defending the bomb plant point (heavy armor).

So far, armor has been a good addition to the game. It is not over done like other games out there but it does mean something if you do want a slight edge in a specific role.
Keep an eye on for more Q&A answers.

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