Thursday, June 24, 2010

One mode per map + specific day/night maps + co-op confirmed?

Check it out!

According to a GameStop listing:

GameStop Exclusive Abandoned Map - This popular “Suppression” map from SOCOM 1 and 2 makes a comeback in SOCOM 4. Abandoned takes place in the daytime around an ancient Thai village deep in the misty jungle. Fight your way over dense hillsides, through dark caves, and into the close-quarters mayhem of the archeological site. Classic SOCOM heritage meets evolved SOCOM 4 action.

Super M90 Shotgun - An extremely high quality, versatile and powerful weapon, the Super M90 is preferred tactical shotgun among the U.S. NAVY SEALs since 1999. This 12-gauge shotgun is equipped with slug ammunition for serious stopping power. It inflicts heavy damage in a focused area and features a greater effective range than standard shotguns. This weapon can be used exclusively for multiplayer co-op missions.

Damn! A lot of big news for one day. Heres hoping that this will be discussed on tomorrow's Zipline. If not, then you can bet that we'll discuss it on the Socast this weekend.


Skywarp said...

co-op???? i dont want co-op against shitty ai i want competetive multi!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm not fond of the one mode per map system as I think more modes on a map make it that much more fun, but I don't think it was hinting at that. I think when it mentioned Abandoned being a suppression map it was just referring to what it was in Socom 1 and 2.