Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Update on Motion control support

Just over 10min ago Sony demoed SOCOM 4 on-stage at a GDC Press Conference with their new motion controller (called Playstation Move).

Surprisingly, I was impressed with the demo, both visually and also by what the motion controller seemed capable of. The controller seemed precise and also natural when exploring the environment. All the commands and options you have with a regular controller, you will be able to execute with the 'Move' controller. Also the reticule was not dead-set in the centre of the screen like it would normally be when using a normal controller. I imagine this is ONLY to make it easier to use the Move controller, and is not something you will experience when playing with a controller.

Visually I thought the game looked incredible. This could be the SOCOM fanboy in me talking, but I was really impressed with what was shown and I'm eager to watch the video again when it hits the internet. And I'll make sure to post it here when it does.

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