Saturday, March 6, 2010

"TheRealSOCOM" Podcast - Episode 5

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We're baaaaaack!

Today we discuss the surprise announcement, the trailer, the visuals, the news so far, 32 players, and tons more! Also, for the first time we take voicemails. Enjoy!

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J-Put said...

So basically you just want to play Call of Duty? Why do you even run a Socom site, when you seem to want every single thing about the game to change into Call of Duty?

I remember back when I used to agree with your opinions. I didn't hear a single thing here that I agreed with.

David Doel said...

Not quite sure how you got that impression. I don't even really play CoD lol. I enjoy the games but if I'm playing something online its usually Uncharted 2, BioShock 2, or Confrontation. Make no mistake, I want SOCOM 4 to be SOCOM. But that doesn't mean you can't be open to evolving other aspects of the game (like adding an experience system) while still retaining the SOCOM feel.

J-Put said...

Well let's go through what you said.

Quick Match: Not necessarily a bad thing. Actually I agree that most games need this now, and I want it to work really well. I would like it to be just like Confrontation's, but actually working. The way you said it though, it sounded like you would be OK with it replacing the lobbies. I'm not OK with getting rid of the lobbies, the quick match just needs to be another option.

Respawn: You said that you wouldn't mind them making the main focus of the game be respawn. WHAT??? That's pretty much the exact OPPOSITE of Socom! I can't stand respawn, and have never played a single respawn game for more than a total of 10 hours. They get boring VERY quickly. Nothing you do matters when you can just come back to life.

Perk/Experience system: The draw of Socom for me has always been the competition. Nothing can top the thrill of crushing an opponent who you know was on an even playing field with you. Being able to unlock special weapons takes that away. I played Confrontation for a few weeks after the DLC, unlocked almost every one of the special weapons, and then quit playing. I've only played a few hours since then. It just got boring.

That kind of artificial hook can only keep somebody coming back for so long. Socom 2 didn't have that, and somehow they kept me playing for 2 years non-stop. What ever happened to playing for FUN?

Cover system: This is just totally unnecessary. If you need to take cover behind something, you can put your character behind it just fine without some in-game system to do it for you. With a cover system only certain spots can be used. There are designated areas to take cover. Think back to all the crazy spots you've seen people use over the years to hide, or fight from. That would be gone. I think it's one of the defining features of Socom. The open, complex maps coupled with the ability to maneuver your character into any spot you want made for unlimited creativity in terms of possibly useful positions.