Thursday, May 7, 2009

Zipper Int. taking SOCOM advice for the development of MAG?

In the live chat that took place yesterday on the blog, MAG developers, Zipper, answered some questions about their upcoming online game. This answer I found particularly interesting:
Ed Byrne - Creative Director @Zipper:
Phoniex - there aren't the traditional game modes you might expect from smaller FPS titles. Basically each map has an associated game mode. We have a more tradiitonal team v. team mode for 64 players. We have a "capture the objective points" game mode for another set of 64 maps. the 128 maps have Attackers trying to steal a vehicle from the Defending side. 256 is an all-out battle for control points.
Hmm, interesting. This is the exact thing I've been pushing on Zipper and now Slant Six, since SOCOM 3 came out. I believe the real thing that killed SOCOM 3 & CA were that each map were no longer built for a specific mode, as in SOCOM 1 & 2. And that's why the quality of the maps went down so tremendously from the first two games.

Now, don't get my wrong. SOCOM Confrontation's original maps are not as bad as SOCOM 3's, but at the same time they do not stand up to the maps in SOCOM 1 & 2, and I still believe its for that same reason. To really create the best map layout possible, you need to have it designed around 1 mode.

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