Friday, May 8, 2009

Want to be a contributer to the blog? Now is your chance

Today I was struck with an idea. The whole reason this blog was created was to give a voice to the SOCOM fans. So what better way to accomplish that then to open up the blog to the community, allowing you to post about your experiences, hopes, feelings, love, and hate about the SOCOM franchise.

So how am I going to accomplish this? Send me an email at and simply tell me why you feel you deserve to be a contributor to the blog. Right now I have no limit on the amount of people I'm willing to add as authors to the blog, as long as you feel you have something to say and can translate that into well-written sentences, then I'll add you.

Like I said, this blog was created for the fans. This is just taking that idea one step further and truly making an integral part of the SOCOM community.

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