Tuesday, August 25, 2009

1.5 Patch is out. No this is not a joke.

Yes, it's FINALLY here. I've been playing for the past hour and so far I can tell you that there is a huge difference. I'm finding myself having a lot more fun than I used to. The menus run smoother, the game runs smoother, the weapon selection menu is redesigned and doesn't force you to stop moving, you can join games from the clan list (and presumably the friend's list as well), the briefing rooms are set in some kind of order rather than being randomly listed, I can go on and on, and I've barely scratched the surface.

For a proper list of the fixes and changes, look here.

This might single-handedly bring me back into playing SOCOM on a regular basis.

Come back later for more impressions, and possibly a short podcast from me and [possibly] Hellman.

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socom online said...

i dont know how much it is changing the game having the patch there is still problems
you can see exactly what the patch fixed if you go here