Monday, July 6, 2009

Rumor: SOCOM 4 in development, by Zipper? has posted the rumor that SOCOM 4 is in development, based off the fact that PCB Productions lists "SOCOM 4 - (motion capture direction) - PLAYSTATION 3 (in development)" on their page.

In addition to that, PS3center has speculated that Zipper Interactive are the ones in development of SOCOM 4 due to the fact that Slant Six is currently working on Fireteam Bravo 3 for PSP. I think that's a large jump to make considering that many studios work on more than 1 project at once (Zipper is currently working on MAG afterall), but at the same time it's an interesting assumption.


Wes said...

I'm so sick of slant sux. Ripped off and dissappointed thousands of veteran socom players. In my opinion, Socom 2 was and still is the standard of excellence.

MrDaBucket said...

Its probably not true.
Technically itd be like SOCOM 6 anyways.
Also, Zipper said at E3 that they a lot more time to work on MAG anyways. The last thing a studio of that size would want is another project. Also, you dont do motion capture this early in game development.

Wes said...

Well you know how they had Socom 2, then 3..well then they started putting names with it. So they could still call it Socom 4

Scanman22 said...

@ MrDaBucket -

No, it wouldn't technucally be Socom 6! It would be part 4! You see the Socom's without numbers behind them are just considered expansion packs or add-ons. To be a true sequel to a game, it must be rebuilt from scratch using a new engine. Socom CA uses the exact same game engine as Socom 3 so it is NOT a sequel. Socom Confrontation could have been part 4 since it uses a new engine BUT there is NO single player campaign, so it is just a side game.