Thursday, June 4, 2009

Greetings from TK42OnE

Just wanted to say a quick hello to the readers of

I’ll be doing my best to come up with informative and hopefully interesting stuff for this blog in the future.

I had been on sort of a hiatus from the game for the last few weeks, partly because my PS3 died a tragic death recently, but with the return of the PS3, and SOCOM, in my life, I’m excited to get back on the horse and find stuff to put up here.

Thoughts are swirling around in my noggin about what’s “blog worthy.”

One thing I wanted to mention was how relieved I was when my (sort of) new PS3 arrived, and I fired up SOCOM, remade my load outs, and played a round, that my rank and rating returned to what they were before the meltdown of my old PS3.

All my save data from other games was gone, but thanks to SOCOM statistics being captured on the games servers, and not the PS3 hard drive, I was able to pick up where I left off. Yay! I worked too damn hard for that .75 KDR.


eldurokev212 said...


Did you have warranty? Alot of folks i know have messed up PS3 and ended up buying a new one.

Lord said...

TK420ne why aren't you at your post? Tk42one, do you copy?

Anonymous said...

Post something already, jeez!