Wednesday, April 29, 2009

MAG info pummels the net, SOCOM fans get defensive

So, a ton of information and hands-on reports on Zipper's new game "MAG" have hit the internet today. It still amazes me that "journalists" (and I use that term VERY loosely) feel the need to take a jab at SOCOM Confrontation in these write-ups that have NOTHING to do with SOCOM.

Take for example Joystiq's write up (and if you read their blog, you know they are the farthest thing from journalists, but this is worth noting as its a popular website), where they state:
Forget SOCOM: Confrontation -- this is the next-gen SOCOM, only taken to a whole new level.
I mean...why? Was that really needed. Clearly the person who wrote this doesn't play SOCOM or has any idea how many people play SOCOM on a consistant basis. Or rather, what the game is even about! MAG is not SOCOM, SOCOM is not MAG. Just because they share a previous developer does not mean they are supposed to be in competition with eachother. They are clearly going for two different things. If this writer wanted to retain any sort of integrity he could have done his research and found that out in about 20 seconds.

Do we really need to deal with this shit again?

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the-d said...

Its a fact that the followers of the original socom games are partially loyal to zipper and unfortunetly that means that its unavoidable for zippers new game to be compared against slant6. Anyone that thinks slant has done a worthy job continuing the socom series either never played the ol versions or just never hooks up their mic to listen to the players. Socom has been a part of life for years now and its time confrontation did more than patch things to the way they should have been when first released. I mean there hasn't even been a map pack yet and in todays online games thats just unheard of... disagree with that and your out of the loop...